What is AMEIS all about?

Conceptualisation is the fundament for all creation of knowledge and communication among people. Shared knowledge via communication is the fundament for all human collaboration. Collaboration between people in specific work tasks is the fundament for all organised activities in society.

Conceptual models based on knowledge about the enterprise are the foundation for accurate data and behaviour in Enterprise Information Systems. Achieving and maintaining the accurate relation between ever changing enterprises and runtime information systems is one of the greatest challenges to Information Systems Engineering.

However, model driven automated production of runtime information systems has emerged during a couple of decades and is now mature, proven and available to the market.

The model driven runtime system is an exact execution according to statements in the model. Whether it is implemented via generated code, model execution engine, orchestration of services is of less importance. The significant attribute is SEMANTIC CONSISTENCY between models, runtime systems and minds of the users.

We call this field Model Enabled Information Systems – accordingly Association for MEIS, AMEIS.

Purpose of AMEIS

To create awareness about MEIS by being a hub connecting researchers, institutions, industry an IS user organisations in knowledge collaboration about model driven development of knowledge, information and information systems for enterprises.

AMEIS – a platform for collaboration on learning, training and knowledge development open for individuals as well as for organisational partners.


Means to achieve awareness of MEIS


AMEIS Lab provide web-based access to a variety of tools for modeling and execution of information systems.

AMEIS participants get access to training facilities to assist making modeling a personal intellectual tool in developing enterprises and technology-based systems.

AMEIS Library

Publikations on MEIS from research and  from practice are disperced over a number of different thematic arenas. We collect and systemise  interresting publications in the library.

AMEIS Education

Education relevant for conceptual modelling and model enabled information systems are offered by a variety of educational actors as well as by practitioners, tool suppliers and information systems suppliers in the field.

This listing with brief introductions support the knowledge thirsty to find educational opportunities.

AMEIS Interaction Lounge

In the Interaction Longe you will find resources supporting searching , initiating and pursuing collaborative activities with peers from the MEIS community.

Resources such as directory (whom), web meeting, calendar and collaborative initiatives listing, planning for with events with MEIS tools from various suppliers for joint training and/or prototyping, as well as access to MEIS seniors available for supporting your knowledge travel.