AMEIS Lab will contain a “sandbox”  where a choice of modelling tools can be accessed for learning, testing and experimentation. The sandbox will be developed in phase with the level of ambition of AMEIS collaborators.

Currently we provide information and links to various model enabled tools and services for information systems life cycle management available at providers own sites.

In order to minimize information redundancy descriptions on this page are minimal. Follow the link to tool information at each providers homepage.

Information Centric approach to Information Systems

Non commercial modelling and model execution web service for education and prototyping.

Integranova Model Execution System. Evaluation version download
Conceptual modeling and code generation framework

Naked Objects
Code oriented domain modeling and execution.

Apache Isis
Code oriented domain modeling and execution based on Naked Objects

Process Centric approach to Information Systems

Barium Live
Commercial process modelling and execution WEB service

Meta Modelling approach to CASE Tool creation

OMiLAB Open Modeling Laboratory
Meta modeling tool generating modeling environments, as well as a library of various meta models and tools