Ecosystem of MEIS


The Ecosystem of organisations engaged in model enabled information systems development is growing. Here we provide a short list of organisations we have come across so far in exploring knowledge and tools for Model Enabled Information Systems.


Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Department of Information Systems Engineering
Theory of ER models, conceptual modelling and tools

NTNU  – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Information Systems and Software Engineering
Modeling and development of information systems

Polytechnical University of Valencia, Research Center on Software Production Methods (PROS)
Methods for modeldriven systems and code generation
Organizational Modeling and Requirements Engineering


Defence Material Administration, Sweden (FMV-Core)
ERP system for material development and acquisition basen on a model engine running a model of the operations. Developed by Genicore AB 

Department of Social Protection, Ireland (SDM and BOMi) Service Delivery Modernisation and Business Object Model implementation 
BOMi is a fully integrated model driven system for administration of social benefits and insurances based on the ‘Naked Objects’ Concept.


Barium (Göteborg Sweden)
Tool for business process modelling execution as a web service.

Boeing, Jeppesen (Göteborg Sweden)
Managing and Optimising Airline Crew Rostering based on a model engine running a model of the airline operations.

Evry (Göteborg, Sweden)
WEADD™ Sync – Model driven clinical information hub for health care organisations

Genicore (Göteborg Sweden)
Enterprise Architecture Model, method and tools for model driven systems development

Integranova (Valencia, Spain)
Conceptual model-driven development framework for business applications

Collaboration Projects and Open Source

OMiLAB Open Models Laboratory
A global community for conceptual modelling

Naked Objects Framework
Dot net framework, generates applications with UI from domain classes

Apache Isis 
Java ‘Naked Object’ framework, generates applications with generic UI and REST API from domain classes. Possible to add view models as well.